Terrified mum sleeps with baseball bat as doorbell cam captures masked men outside home

The homeowner has warned residents to be ‘extra vigilant’ after a masked pair were seen prowling around her house in the small hours of one morning – one even chillingly covering her doorbell camera with his hand

A terrified mum says she is sleeping with a baseball bat after her doorbell camera captured masked men prowling outside her home in the small hours of the morning.

The Birmingham mum, who didn’t want to be named, is urging people living in her neighbourhood to ‘be careful’ after the footage showed the potential thieves eyeing up her car.

The homeowner issued a warning to Bartley Green and Harborne residents, in the city’s southwest, to be “extra vigilant” following her August 29 ordeal, Birmingham Live reports.

The doorbell footage shows a masked person walk up to her address at 4.43am, before covering her door-cam with their hand.

The person is seen wearing trainers, black gloves, a balaclava, a bag and a light hoody. After walking back down the drive, another person appears in the shot.

A separate camera shows the masked pair lingering around the homeowner’s car with a flash torch before eventually walking away.

The terrified homeowner said: “I have a premature baby girl in intensive care for three months.

“I need my car to see her. So now I’m sleeping with a baseball bat and also placing glass cups on our door handles.

“It’s so sad that we need to leave car keys by the doors to stop them breaking in and hurting our loved ones. Sad that we can’t have good things in our lives.”

After sharing her plight online, other residents in the area came forward to say they were also targeted on the same night.

Doorbell camera footage shared by residents appeared to show the same pair, wearing similar clothing, attempt to break into other homes and cars.