Vulnerable’ trans girl, 16, last seen in London missing days after coming out

Maya was last seen arriving at Liverpool Street station at 8.40am last Friday and her lack of contact has been described as “extremely out of character” for the teenager

A ‘vulnerable’ 16-year-old trans girl has gone missing days after coming out.

Maya was last seen arriving at Liverpool Street station at 8.40am last Friday.

A missing person flyer posted on social media reads: ‘We have no idea where Maya has gone.

“This is extremely out of character. She is a vulnerable trans girl who only “came out” Friday morning.”

She had left her home in Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex, before 7.30am.

CCTV images show Maya wearing a pink face mask, pink shoulder-length wig, a pink top, white skirt, white tights and white trainers.

She was also carrying a black Puma rucksack and was pulling a black wheelie suitcase.

A message on social media alongside the flyer continued: “Maya – If you are reading this lovely, please let someone know that you are safe.

“I know how difficult and oppressive growing up in a small town like Stansted can be when you don’t fit the status quo.

“But please let someone know that you are ok, so that we can help you with whatever you need. We are all worried and just want to know that you’re okay. You are not alone.”

It then read: “Disclosing somebody’s gender identity without their permission is not something that I would ordinarily condone or recommend.

“But the fact that Maya is both a minor and transgender, alone in a major city, places her at considerable risk of danger.

“So it’s important that we have all of the facts to fully understand her situation and the gravity of why we need to find her as soon as possible to ensure her safety.”